Alias Grace: An ambitious, almost brilliant Margaret Atwood adaptation

It’s incumbent on anyone writing about the CBC adaptation of Alias Grace to mention that the Hulu adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale. Not because both productions are, always, companion pieces adapted from exactly the same writer, but since the viewer will be considering the latter when watching the former. It is not long until the … [Read more…]

Emmy Awards open with Sean Spicer Look, Saturday Night Live takes early Wins.

“Saturday Night Live” was triumphing early at Sunday’s Emmy Awards for a season of skewering President Donald Trump, while the service and host Stephen Colbert did similarly. “I remember the first time we won this award,” creator Lorne Michaels said in accepting the series’s trophy for best variety sketch series. “It was after the first … [Read more…]

John Doyle: Why The Deuce is All about Pornography, capitalism and today’s politics

David Simon believes Hillary Clinton was absolutely on point to emphasize that she was “creeped out” by Donald Trump looming behind her and stalking her every move during the second presidential debate this past year. “It was misogyny, pure and simple,” he says. “He had been bullying her, invading her space, treating her in a … [Read more…]