Lucy DeCoutere resigns from Trailer Park Boys after co-star denies assaulting woman

Lucy DeCoutere says she has resigned from the “Trailer Park Boys” just hours after one of its principal actors denied assaulting a woman in the U.S. DeCoutere, who co-stars in the show, testified against Jian Ghomeshi in the former CBC host’s highly-publicized sexual assault trial. Mike Smith, known for playing Bubbles on the cult comedy … [Read more…]

John Doyle: Appalling maleness of U.S. culture illuminated by election

Another Tuesday, another primary in the U.S. presidential campaign. This time, both a Democratic and Republican primary in Wisconsin. Another night of the most surreal, mind-blowing TV coverage imaginable. After the GOP town hall on CNN last week, I finally, truly understood the meaning of the word “gibberish.” And while watching the GOP town hall … [Read more…]

Late-night comedians compete to perfect Trump-inspired jokes

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is far from ordinary, and late-night television humorists are pushing boundaries in order to keep up. The most memorable Trump-inspired comedy of the past few months has been more intricate than monologue jokes, reflecting a tough competition for laughs and knowledge that the best material can have a long life online. … [Read more…]