Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker warms up to technology

A few weeks ago, television producer Charlie Brooker bought an electronic toothbrush – a “smart” toothbrush, to be exact. It seemed harmless enough at first, what with its promise to “elevate the brushing experience.” But as Brooker is the dystopia-minded genius behind the extra-dark sci-fi series Black Mirror, sometimes a toothbrush isn’t just a toothbrush. … [Read more…]

Billy Bush suspended from Today show after tape of Trump’s lewd comments

NBC has suspended television personality Billy Bush from the Today show after fallout over the host’s 2005 taped lewd conversation with U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to a show memo seen by Reuters on Sunday. The suspension comes as a flood of Republicans have withdrawn their support for Trump over the video that … [Read more…]

John Doyle: Trump seals fate in debate

Donald Trump will probably get kudos for not self-destructing entirely in Sunday’s debate. But in a way that television illuminates, he sealed his fate. From the pre-debate photo-op with a group of women who are Bill Clinton’s accusers to the interruptions, to the “you’re going to jail” threat, to the physical trolling of Hillary Clinton … [Read more…]

U.S. debate questioner Kenneth Bone becomes Internet star

While supporters of GOP nominee Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton bicker following the second presidential debate, one participant is being greeted with almost universal approval: Kenneth Bone. The mustachioed undecided voter from Illinois clad in a red sweater and khakis became an Internet sensation almost instantly Sunday night when he took part in … [Read more…]